L’Institut Agrícola is responsible for the promotion of values, the defense of the company and property, because they are the basis and  the axis that organizes the territory economically and socially

L’Institut Agrícola Català de Sant Isidre

Is the association that represents agricultural, agri-food and forestry business interests and ensures the economic and patrimonial dimension of a sector that is an indispensable key in the future of the productive economy.


Founded in 1851, L’Institut Agrícola is the dean’s agricultural business association in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. We are an economic entity that expresses our criteria independently and with loyalty to civil society. We are a corporation that looks after the common interests of entrepreneurs, owners and those who carry out economic activity in rural areas.

Agriculture is also a transversal axis in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The Institute works on laws and regulations in general that arise within the European Union (and must reach the State and then autonomy) in order to improve, reform or propose new ones.

Where we are and where we participate

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