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FOMENT DEL TREBALL – Catalan Confederation of Business and Industry

Foment has an Agriculture Commission chaired by Baldiri Ros, President of the Agricultural Institute who is also Vice-President of Foment.

FEPIME – Catalan Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises

Fepime defends the Catalan SME as a driver of the economic and social growth of Catalonia, the Mediterranean axis, Spain and Europe. It works so that the political and economic framework favors the development of SMEs, which represent practically the entirety of the Catalan business fabric and employ three quarters of the workers in Catalonia.

CEOE – Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations

It represents and defends the interests of Spanish employers. It integrates, on a voluntary basis, the majority of companies and freelancers of any size and sector of activity through its base associations, which form a network of 240 business organizations.

CEPYME – Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises

It is recognized as the most representative business organization at state level, as well as representing Spanish SMEs in the European Union.

LECE – European League of Economic Cooperation

Association formed by people and entities with a pro-European vocation, dedicated to the defense of the ideals, conscience and values of the European Union.

AEBALL – Business Association of Baix Llobregat

It is the business association representing, managing, defending, coordinating and promoting the professional interests of companies that carry out economic activities of a general nature in their different sectors: industrial, commercial and services, within the territorial scope of the Hospitalet and Baix Llobregat, a territory in constant economic and social growth.

CEPF – European Confederation of Forest Owners

The Confederation of European Forest Owners is the umbrella association of national organizations of forest owners in Europe. It promotes the values ​​of sustainable forest management, private ownership and the economic viability of the forestry sector. Its mission is to represent and promote the common interests of private forest owners at EU level. The CEPF aims to foster reliable and fair policy framework conditions and strengthen the position of European forest owners in all relevant policy processes of the forestry sector. This is particularly important as European and international forestry policy is strongly influenced by many other sectoral policies, such as climate, energy, environmental, trade and agricultural policy. In Brussels, the CEPF interacts with the European institutions, particularly with all the relevant directorates-general of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

SMEUNITED – European Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (formerly UEAPME)

SMEunited – based in Brussels – is the European business organization that acts on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises in the European social dialogue and in debates with the EU institutions. It represents national federations of SMEs giving a direct connection with the specific needs and interests of the different business sectors, always supporting the idea of European integration and contributing to European cooperation.

BUSSINESEUROPE  – European Confederation of Business Organizations

BusinessEurope is the main European association defending growth and competitiveness at European level, defending companies from all over the continent with national business federations being its direct members. It works on behalf of the different member federations to ensure that the voice of employers is heard in the decision-making of European policies. From its headquarters in Brussels, it interacts regularly with the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council, as well as with other stakeholders in the political community. It also represents European business internationally, ensuring that Europe remains globally competitive.

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